Sunday, 28 June 2015

How It All Began.

The beginning.

I was eighteen when I met him. I had just come out of my first real relationship and it wasn't full of pansies and daffodils. Let's just say, the effects of said relationship still bother me to this day, and it's been three years now. I'd been living under a rock at my sisters pad, sulking in my room almost every night, shamelessly replying on my besties to tell me I wasn't such a pathetic sack of shit. It was as if I had been a walking carcass for the last few months since the break up. So anyways, it was New Year's Eve (Great. No romantic New Year's Eve kiss for me) I had just got home and walked into the bathroom, taking a shower to wash the day away. Or his memory away. Let's be real. How the house was situated, the front door opened to the hallway, the bathroom being the first door to the left, and a garage with wide windows that looked into the house lay just beyond the front porch. Most days that door was open, exposing the bare garage, but I barely noticed. So like any other day, I walked out of the bathroom, went straight across the hall to the linen cupboard, and heard my sister's (then-boyfriend) start hollering about how I was only in a white towel exposed to everyone in the garage. Since house parties weren't very common for us, I was obviously stumped to see six strangers looking through the garage windows at me and vice versa. After a few annoyed words back, I all but ran into my room and hid. I had been so switched off, I didn't even realise a party was raging just outside. Good going! My sister came in consoling me like only sisters can do and I finally came out to join the festivities after swallowing my embarrassment. I did not recognise one face. I don't even think it mattered. They were already "mortal" and I was being offered (free) drink after drink, I didn't think it wise to complain. I finally got into a passionate discussion about Gay rights when this bearded Slim Shady looking fellow rudely butted in. My fiery demeanor was definitely alcohol fueled. I wouldn't have had the courage to argue with a stranger otherwise. I said my bit and he said his. In the end, I concluded that he was a flat out jackass. I ignored him for the rest of the evening. Hours and plenty of drinks later, folks were getting hungry, but as the saying goes "You should never drink and fry." Lucky for them, I just got paid and was feeling generous. McDonald's wasn't too far and one guy offered to walk with me seeing as he was headed to town anyways to hit the club scene. And then, wouldn't you believe, the almighty Slim Shady jackass decided to escort me as well. How fortunate for me. Good thing he did come however because the first guy just took off, no care for the drunken maiden who couldn't walk in a straight line to save her life. Something happened though in the suppose-to-be-20min-but-in-reality-2hr-walk. Slim shady dropped the shady and talked to me like a genuine human being. He was kind, comforting even, and I was intoxicated enough to let loose and tell him my sad sob break-up story (Had I remembered this talk the next day, I may have been mortified. Thank God for hangovers that remove all memories of shameful acts!). He didn't judge. He didn't pity me. He didn't say anything actually. He just held my arm so I wouldn't tumble over. He did however tell me about his life. Not a Shakespearean Sonnet but bits and pieces. His girlfriend was pregnant and they were expecting a girl. I didn't feel a whole lot of warmth from the small snippets he offered about his girlfriend but who was I to pry? We chatted the entire journey and he even stayed over. Before you jump to conclusions, everyone stayed. We're not a home that encourage drunk driving, thank you very much. After getting snuggly in my bed, one guy wandered into my room and latched on to me, playing the old I-didn't-know-this-room-was-occupied-but-lets-make-out card. Talk about a start to the New Year. I scattered off into the arms of my jackass turned Casanova. But not literally. He did stay by my side though in case I received another unwanted "visit." It was nice. I couldn't remember the last time I actually enjoyed someone else's presence. The next morning, he was gone before I awoke. It didn't bother me. For the first time, I felt something. I didn't feel so much like a shell. It wasn't until hours later in the day, when I got my first text from him (Sneaky man stole my number unbeknownst to me), did we start going down a road we both couldn't turn back from. I don't think either of us could fully comprehend what that one night meant to me and what it would lead to...

To be continued.